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Wooden Cubby Houses

Considering the year 2020 happened, it has never been more important to keep our kids entertained at home. Kids are being introduced to technology at an increasingly early age. As parents, we find it addictive, but for our kids, Smart devices are mesmerising. Once they are hooked, it is going to be harder to pull them back into reality. Getting kids back to imaginative play is one of our driving forces here at KidzShack. We remember the days of playing outside for hours, racking our brains for new activities and finding anything to keep us entertained. Cubby houses provided the location for endless games and adventures. Whoever had a cubby house on the street was envied by all the kids! Just because you don’t consider yourself particularly handy doesn’t mean your kids have to miss out on all the opportunities for play a cubby house can offer.

Outdoor play is vital for a child’s development. In fact, according to Raising Children, the Australian Parenting Website, children should be encouraged to play outside multiple times a day. It’s crucial to give children space to develop an appreciation for nature and a taste of adventure. For kids, time outdoors usually means more room to run around, jump, throw, swing and play. All of which are vital for physical development, as well as supporting a child's mental wellbeing.

It also expands their areas for learning, which aren’t just reserved for indoors. Playing outside allows children to practice observation, like noticing the leaves change colour, weather patterns and birdlife, advancing their learning skills. When kids are told to go play outside, they invent games and explore new worlds in the comfort of their own backyard. This expands their decision making and problem-solving skills, aiding their brain development through play.

That’s why we started KidzShack six years ago. We developed cubby houses that arrive straight to your door in flatpacks in both ground and duel-level elevated cubby houses to suit any backyard space. We have a huge range of cubby houses to choose from, so you'll find something no matter your child's style or how fussy they are! At KidzShack, safety is our number one priority; all our products are made in conjunction with the Australian Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124-1,2,3 & 6. The benefit of having a cubby in your outdoor space is that there is always an activity set up and ready to go, providing hours of entertainment. The only thing they need to bring with them is their imagination.

Do the wooden cubby houses come with building instructions?

Of course! Building instructions accompany your flatpack. If you want to get an idea of what you are in for, you can preview the building instructions for our Beach Shack here. When it comes to the right tools for setup, a drill with a Phillips head bit will do the job.

How easy is it to assemble the wooden cubby houses?

If the construction of the cubby house is holding you back from making a purchase, you needn’t worry. Our cubbies come with pre-prepared panels, which take no longer than two and a half hours between two adults to assemble. Even parents who aren't handy have reported how easy their KidzShack was to assemble. Order a KidzShack cubby house and find out how easy it is to construct yourself. We have layby options available too.

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