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Cubby House Assembly & Installation


Our KidzShack Cubby Houses are nice and easy to assemble.They will arrive to you  mostly in pre-made panels, assembly time takes only 1-2 Hours with 2 people. picture instructions are included inside the packaging. We recommend using a battery drill fitted with a Phillips Head bit for ease of assembly

All accessories that get added to our cubbies ie. Binoculars, Telescope, Steering Wheel, Phone all need to have holes pre drilled into your cubby to eliminate cracking. Please pre drill before screwing accessory into place.

KidzShack suggests placing your new Cubby House on Pavers, Concrete or Slabs. Do not leave your Cubby Housed placed directly onto grass as this will lead to moisture rot, as your grass will retail water.

Kidzshack Cubbies are rated to 100kg, (includes combined child weight and furniture inside the cubby).

 Click Here To See Example Cubby House Instructions

Some Kidzshack Cubby Houses do come pre-stained (water-based stain). The stain does does not provide any weather protection, For total protection and warranty purposes, you must paint your cubby house within 4 weeks of outdoor exposure. For added waterproofing, please use a silicon to seal up any gaps for extra water proofing, as cubbies have not been made to be water tight and are not marketed as water tight.

Painting your new KidzShack Cubby House

It is recommend that all KidzShack  Pre-Stained Cubby Houses are to be painted within 4 weeks of outdoor exposure.
Raw/Natural Timber Cubby Houses must me painted following KidzShack painting guidelines before outdoor exposure. If you are going to use a silicon for added water proofing, please use this before painting.

We recommend painting your new KidzShack Cubby House with Taubmans 3 in 1 Exterior Primer then followed by 2 coats of Taubmans All Weather Exterior. (We dont recommend using any clear finishes)
Failing to follow painting guidelines voids all warranty

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*Purchases directly with Taubmans Trade Outlets Only. (Australia Wide)

*Cubby House/Fort Purchases ONLY.

KidzShack Recommended Painting Guide

1-2 Coat of Taubmans 3 in 1 Exterior Primer (inside and outside of entire Cubby House).
2 Coats of Taubmans All Weather Exterior in your choice of colours

(We dont recommend using and clear finishes)

Please ensure you paint your KidzShack Cubby entirely inside and out, with both 3 in 1 Primer and All Weather Exterior Paint. Once this has been done there will be no where for moisture to get into the wood, as your new Cubby House will now be sealed

3 in 1 Primer Data Sheet
All Weather Exterior

All Weather Exterior Presentation

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