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Our Kidzshack Cubby Houses are very easy to assemble with pre-made panels, assembly time takes only 1-2 Hours with 2 people. Full picture Instructions Included.

 Click Here To See Example Cubby House Instructions

Cubby House Maintenance & Painting

Please read the below information to ensure your new cubby house is enjoyed for many years.

Please inspect all boxes upon delivery for damage and report to Crazy Wholesalers immediately (within 3 days).

Important Information:

All unassembled cubby house boxes need to be stored in a dry and covered area until assembly.

Unpainted Cubby Houses:

Some Cubby Houses from Kidzshack are supplied using unpainted raw timber. Although raw, every piece of timber used in a Kidzshack has been heat treated for 9 days. Heat treatment improves the durability of the timber and draws out the moisture making it less appealing to insects.

Every effort is needed to keep the cubby dry until paint is applied inside and out on all unpainted cubby houses. Painting the cubby house will create a barrier from the harsh Australian elements; it will also assist in repelling water from the surfaces of the cubby.

Stained Cubby Houses:

Some Kidzshack Cubbies do come pre-stained (water-based). The stain does provide some protection, but like all water-based stains they have a life, depending on the surrounding environment. For total protection and warranty purposes, we advise painting the cubby house within 4 weeks of outdoor exposure.

Painting Tips:

Painting your cubby prior to assembly is the easiest and fastest way.

After consulting painting professionals, we recommend:

    Two coats of undercoat over the entire cubby, then

    Two coats of a gloss paint over the entire cubby.

*Some Hardware Stores may suggest a primer or a paint with a built-in undercoat, please do not use these. These are not as effective as a dedicated undercoat.

Can I do anything else to protect the cubby house?

If you would like total protection from the rain, then we recommend using no gaps or a suitable waterproof sealer on the roof slates. If you have generously applied gloss paint to the roof, then you will most like not require the sealer.

Cubby Placement:

The placement of your cubby house is just as important as painting.

Please ensure the cubby is not placed directly on grass, this is due to possible moisture build up under the cubby which can result in waterlogged timber. We recommend placing some pavers or some sleepers under the feet or floor so that it can assist in levelling the cubby house whilst keeping it dry.

Ensure the cubby house is placed away from trees that can possibly drop branches onto the cubby and cause damage.

Lastly, ensure the cubby house is placed in an area that receives plenty of sunlight. Sunlight and air flow will decrease the chances of mold growth. Mold can cause moisture retention and will ultimately result in the timber to become water logged, causing rot.
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