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Warranty Information For Cubby Houses

Company Introduction

MJ Warehouse as Trustee for the MJ Warehouse Trust trades as KidzShack.
Main branch is located at 3 Geelong Court, Bibra Lake, WA 6163.
Contact phone number is 0409 008 509
Company is located in Western Australia
ABN 74 164 544 696
Email address:
Specializing in kids outdoor play equipment and making kids happy.

Warranty Policy

Please ensure you have contacted your local council to find out your criteria to ensure your Cubby House or Play Equipment passes all regulations. KidzShack takes no responsibility for not following local council regulations.

Warranty is only offered to the direct buyer of the KidzShack product, Warranty is not transferable for the on-selling or gifting products. 12 month warranty period begins from the day of purchase listed on your invoice.

Please only use KidzShack product when assembling a KidzShack product, you will not need to outsource any other products to assemble a KidzShack product
If installing a KidzShack accessory product (Binoculars/Telescope/Bell etc) please ensure you pre-drill any screw holes. Screwing a screw into wood that has not had a suitable pilot hole drilled may cause cracking and will not be covered by warranty. Fitting any products or making additions to a KidzShack Cubby house which cause a defect are not covered by warranty.

KidzShack does not warrant damage caused by weather.

Warranty Excludes damage to Perspex Windows. 

Kidzshack Cubbies are rated to 100kg, (includes combined child weight and furniture inside the cubby).

No warranty on KidzShack prizes or Free Offers

Stained and Raw Cubby Houses - All KidzShack Cubby Houses need to be painted within 4 weeks of assembly to be covered by warranty. Stained cubby houses offer no weather treatment or protection at all.

KidzShack is teamed up with Taubmans Paints Australia and recommends using Taubmans 3 in 1 Exterior Primer followed up with two coats of Taubmans All Weather Exterior paint. Please apply paint, to all wooden areas, inside and out. 

Please ensure you have sealed your Wooden Cubby House with one coat of outdoor 3 in 1 primer and two coats of Weathershield Exterior paint.
Your cubby house needs to be painted inside and out, using these guidelines to give it the outdoor protection (We dont recommend using any clear finishes)
Failing to follow painting guidelines voids all warranty

KidzShack does not offer any warranty against insect damage (beetles/white ants/Termites etc) No KidzShack product is chemically treated for insects. All KidzShack Cubby Houses must be assembled and slightly elevated off the ground, to allow for light and air flow. KidzShack recommends house hold bricks or pavers. This will deter any white ant or termite infestation. KidzShack recommends a minimum of 50mm elevation off the ground. If using bricks/pavers for elevation, please use a minimum of 8 bricks per square meter, Please dont exceed 500mm from one brick to another. KidzShack does not recommend using another wood product for cubby house elevation.

Ensure your KidzShack is not exposed to grass, as overnight mildew will cause wood to rot. Please mount your KidzShack Cubby House on pavers to eliminate moisture transferring up through the wood.

All KidzShack Cubby houses are built and tested for Domestic household use only, warranty does not cover for any commercial use (daycare centre, kindergartens etc)

Please ensure you have proof of purchase in the way of a detailed invoice, showing product name, buyers name, date of purchase

Damage by courier must be bought to KidzShack's attention within 48 hours of delivery. KidzShack can have replacement parts sent out to ensure cubby house is deemed fit for service and seen as new.

Warranty is for Australia only

All screws/nuts/bolts must be rechecked every 6 months as wood swell and contracts in weather conditions. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure all are tight and cubby house is in a safe condition and fit for use. It is normal for nuts/bolts/hinges to rust over time. The customer is responsible in replacing them as needed.

KidzShack does not cover any alterations made to the cubby house and must be assembled in the manner of the assembly guidelines

Minor cracks in the wood are not covered by warranty, these can be filled with wood putty and painted over following our painting guidelines. All wooden products are susceptible to cracking, please ensure you keep your KidzShack Cubby House in good condition with regular (6 month) maintenance programs

Privacy Policy
We value your privacy. We do not pass on any email or phone details to any 3rd party companies

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