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Decorating Ideas for Cubby Houses

Posted by Jarrad Heritage on

Create a hideaway into another realm, where your child's imagination can be free to wander.

Choose a theme when designing your Cubby House. Do they want to be the captain of the pirate ship, a princess trapped in a castle, do they have a favourite character from a book or movie? Stamp it with their personality! And if they outgrow that theme, then have fun redesigning something new together!

Once you have chosen a theme, choose your colours! Pink & Pastel, Candy Shop, Grey & White or let your child choose their own colours and help you paint the Cubby, if your game enough! 

When everything is all painted and dry, here comes the fun part!

Yes you can paint the floor but how about something more funky? Lino is available in bright and funky designs to give you Cubby House that's cosy feel. 

Add Shelving & Storage for all your child's knick-knacks.

A Blackboard is a wonderful addition to any Cubby House. Your child will love playing shop and writing or drawing their menu on the board!

They'll need a pretend play kitchen to cook your dinner and make you a cup of tea!

No Cubby is complete without a seating area, create a space for your child to draw, or relax on a beanbag reading a book.

The Barra Shack is a large 2400x2400mm Size, with the perfect size living space to fit all to your hearts desire. Only $990.00 LAYBY Today for Christmas and have fun designing your own unique Cubby House with your family.


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