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Plastic vs Wooden Cubby House

Posted by Emma Heritage on

You only want the best for your kids! When it comes to what kind of cubby house you should buy for your child, you may be stuck between opting for plastic or wood. We may be biased at KidzShack, but we wanted to run through the key differences between a plastic versus wooden cubby house, so you can make an informed decision.

And, when it comes to dishing out cash for the cubby house of your child's dreams, you also want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. So that the cubby house is not going to crumble down quicker than you can say; Go play!


The first step of your cubby house, assemble it. Your cubby house will be delivered in flat pack form for you and a partner to put together. Plastic cubby houses are generally easier to compose and require fewer tools than wooden cubby houses. That being said, wooden cubby houses aren’t particularly hard to assemble. For example, our cubby houses take no more than two and a half hours between two adults to put together, and you might just need to get the electric tools out to help with the job.


If you don't plan to move your cubby house once assembled, going for a wood option will give you a more permanent structure. Keep in mind, if you ever choose to sell, this will also add to the value of your property for potential home buyers. Imagine buying a home with a wooden cubby house ready for your growing family! If you plan on moving the cubby house frequently, a plastic one will be more practical. And, depending on the size, you also have the ability to move it indoors if the weather won't permit outside play.


Plastic will last forever, but plastic cubby houses can start to degrade after seven to ten years due to weather exposure. Typically, plastic cubby houses don’t do as well as wooden ones outside. After a few years, you can expect it to fade and possibly see some plastic warping. Bear in mind, plastic cubby houses are more susceptible to mold in humid climates. While wooden cubby houses are more likely to stand the test of time, as long as they are built from good quality wood, they might need a new lick of paint after several years in the sun!


In terms of cleaning your cubby house, plastic is the easier choice. A quick spray of the hose, some soapy water and a good wipe down will have it sparkling clean again. In humid climates, however, a plastic cubby house may require more frequent cleaning due to the chance of mold increasing. Whereas if you use a good-quality sealant and finish, cleaning dust and messes inside a wooden cubby house is relatively easy. With both cubby houses, bugs are inevitable! Use it as an opportunity; encourage little entomologists in the making and teach your kid/s which creepy crawlies they should steer clear of.

Plastic cubby houses will be a bit lighter on your wallet. But, it depends what you want out of a cubby house. Do you want something cheaper, easier to move around, and made of plastic? Or, do you want the more expensive choice, which lasts longer and (in our opinion) looks way better? The decision is yours! And, if you are leaning more towards choosing a wooden cubby house for your kid/s, you can click here to check out our range.

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