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Finding the Perfect Cubby House for Your Child: Age Options

Posted by Emma Heritage on

Are you considering getting a cubby house for your little one but unsure about what age group it's suitable for? Look no further! In this blog post, we'll explore the different age groups and the perfect cubby house options for each stage of childhood.


  1. Toddlers (1-3 years old)

Toddlers are curious explorers who love to play and discover new things. For this age group, a small and simple cubby house is ideal. Look for a cubby house with rounded edges, no small parts that could be a choking hazard, and a low entry point for easy access. Consider a cubby house with interactive features like a mini slide or a steering wheel to enhance their play experience. We would recommend our Barra Shack or Lovely Shack.


  1. Pre Schoolers (3-5 years old)

Pre Schoolers are full of energy and creativity, making them perfect candidates for a more elaborate cubby house. Look for a cubby house with multiple levels, a climbing wall, a sandpit, or a swing set attached. This age group will enjoy role-playing and imaginative play, so a cubby house with a play kitchen or a mini table and chairs can provide hours of entertainment. We would recommend our Club Shack, Play Shack or Sunshine Shack.


  1. School-Age Children (6-12 years old)

School-age children are more independent and enjoy playing with friends. For this age group, consider a larger cubby house with multiple play areas, such as a slide, a climbing frame, a rope ladder, or a lookout tower. Look for cubby houses that can accommodate multiple children at once, encouraging social interaction and cooperative play. We would recommend our Fun Shack.


  1. Teenagers (13+ years old)

While teenagers may have outgrown traditional cubby houses, they can still enjoy a more mature outdoor retreat. Consider a larger playhouse or a backyard cabin that can be customized to suit their interests, such as a music studio, a gaming room, or a hangout spot with friends. Encourage teenagers to get involved in the design and decoration of their outdoor space to make it truly their own. We would recommend our Barra Shack for a Teenagers Retreat!


In conclusion, there is a cubby house suitable for every age group, from toddlers to teenagers. By choosing a cubby house that aligns with your child's age and interests, you can provide them with a safe and engaging outdoor play space that will foster creativity, imagination, and social skills. So, go ahead and find the perfect cubby house for your child and watch them create lasting memories in their own little world of fun and adventure!

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